Accomplished Golf Course Superintendent with a proven track record of excellence spanning over 8 years. Dedicated to optimizing course conditions, I have successfully managed 9-hole to 27-hole private, semi-private, and public facilities across diverse geographic regions, with a focus on delivering firm, fast and flawless playing conditions in the Northeastern United States.

My expertise extends to effective leadership, team building, and clear communication in both English and Spanish, fostering a positive and productive work environment. I am passionate about staff development and have organized numerous employee appreciation events to foster a sense of comradery.

My collaborative approach extends to building strong relationships with stakeholders, promoting a culture of cooperation and shared goals across all departments. Proficient in all facets of turf management, I consistently deliver tournament-ready course conditions, ensuring an exceptional member experience and upholding the course's reputation for excellence.



My agronomic philosophy is rooted in a profound appreciation for the delicate balance between maintaining exceptional playing conditions and environmental stewardship. I am dedicated to implementing sustainable turf management practices, meticulously monitoring soil health, and optimizing irrigation systems to conserve water resources. Through a proactive Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach, I aim to minimize chemical inputs while ensuring the health and vitality of the course. My commitment to continuous learning and innovation drives me to explore cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices, all with the goal of delivering top-tier course conditions while preserving the natural beauty of our greenspaces.

I understand the knowledge, drive and sophistication required to produce the best playing conditions and patron experience.


My leadership philosophy hinges on teamwork, productivity, and unwavering employee commitment as the bedrock of effective golf course ground staff management. A cohesive team, united in purpose, is the driving force behind our triumphs in course maintenance. Teamwork instills unity among our staff, fostering a shared sense of purpose and collective responsibility for our course. When our team harmonizes its efforts, motivation and excellence follow naturally.

Productivity is the powerhouse propelling us toward elite course maintenance. Through smart delegation, clear communication, and continuous training, I optimize our resource utilization and productivity. The productive and motivational workplace environment is characterized by investment in the professional maturation of the maintenance team. The most productive members of the operation will be more heavily invested in with education and training programs that will foster continuous refinement and augment the knowledge base of the individuals.

Employee engagement is the cornerstone of my philosophy. Valuing and actively involving each team member cultivates an environment where individuals feel heard, respected, and inspired to excel. This engagement enhances job satisfaction and elevates our golf course, leading to superior customer experiences.

In essence, my leadership approach crafts a positive and collaborative work environment, championing teamwork, driving productivity, and fostering unwavering employee engagement to achieve excellence in golf course maintenance.